About Us

iScentU is a fragrance company just for you. Stonewick® started developing innovative ways to add natural fragrance to the home atmosphere. After years of work with the help of Universities, Ph.D. Chemists, Certified Perfumers and other professionals, Scentier™ products and Stonewick® diffusers were developed. Each engages a whole new sensory experience using only handcrafted, custom made fragrances comprised of the finest and safest aromatic materials from around the world. In 2011, iScentU™ was created so our consultants could bring our products directly to you.

Why iScentU

iScentU fragrances will make you feel better. High quality and made in the USA, our products will be up to your standard. You will not want to show anywhere else except with iScentU.

Essentail Oils

iScentU provides high quality essential oils. We even have a first aid kit. Next time you get injured or sick, try IscentU essential oils.

Extra Income

Do you enjoy telling people about the products you you? Have you ever thought about becoming an iScentu Consultant? It's a great way to do what you love and make some extra cash.


iScentU iRepel Mosquito Repellent

iRepel is a scent by iScentU which is a powerful blend of citronella, lemongrass and lemon eucalyptus oils which repels and eliminates mosquitoes indoors and outdoors. iRepel by iScentU is made with 100% pure essential oils. For outdoor use, simply use a hurricane lamp shade over the lamp to keep…

iScentU Pets

iScentU Eliminates Pet Odor

Are you a pet owner? As a pet owner myself, I’m sure you’re well aware of how our homes smells.  It’s a constant battle to make sure our home smells fresh when people come over to visit.  I’ve tried candles, deodorizing spay, car fresheners… they all just mask the pet…

iScentU Stone Sticks

iScentU College Dorm Room Approved

Are you kids going to college?  Did you know that candles or anything that burns is not allowed in the college dorm room?   iScentU Stonewicks stone sticks are college dorm room approved.  Get all your favorite fragrance and diffuse them with our stone wicks.   What is a stone…


iScentU Fragrance Products

  iScentU is a fragrance company that leans on individuals to promote their products.  They iScentU consultant is able to show, through example, how iScentU products are used.  Consultants are determined, smart, socially savvy, and embrace personal growth. Are you ready to learn about iScentU products? iScentU has four product…

Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake Now in a Bottle

Yes, it is true.  The smell of birthday cake can now be enjoyed all day long. iScentU has come out with a birthday cake fragrance.  It is a confectionary delight.  A buttery cream indulgence with a hint of lemon.  Moving along to sweet coconut, then a warm vanilla finish, leaving…

Stonewick Floral Arrangement

Fragrance Positivly Effects Males Aged 40-55

In a scientific study, the question was asked was whether the daily use of colognes could elevate mood in middle-aged men. Sixty men ranging in age from 40 to 55 years participated in the study. Half were European-American and half were African-American. Mood ratings were obtained twice daily for 12 days….