Scent Secrets is on online marketing brand geared towards network marketing professionals.  After may years of research, we have filled the gap of what many network companies have failed to do.  We offer you the ability to promote your business from an independent, non network company related source.  We offer 2 products that are designed to increase exposure and promote sales of your products.

Directory Listing

Getting listing on our directory is an excellent way to get targeted exposure for your businesses.  Our customers are looking for specific individuals in their areas.  By being listed in our directory, you will be in a ready for these customers looking for a local link.

Article Sharing

We all know that sharing is what makes social media effective.  However, you have probably learned that too much sharing from your network marketing product leads many people away from your business.  Knowing this, we created a product that will help you reach your market and also appear from an independent source (  Want to see how it looks? Visit

How to Get Started

To start using our products, simply sign up for our services. Once you’re registered, you will be ready to use the products you have signed up for.