Beauty In the Eyes

Why your mascara needs to enhance your eyes and lashes.

What is our infatuation with eyes?  We have been told that they are the window to our souls or our hearts.  But they are more, they help us see others and let others see us.  That’s why we must create the best impression we have, the first time we see or are seen.

Eye LashesThe mascara we know today wasn’t invented until the nineteenth century.  It was invented by chemist named Eugene Rimmel.  It wasn’t invented until then because it uses petroleum jelly.  Yes, mascara is a product of the oil industry.  However, the process of enhancing the eyes dates all the way back to ancient Egypt in 4000BC.  Yes, people have been enhancing their eyes for over 6,000 years.

Since this tradition has been existing for so long, there has to be a good reason that it hasn’t gone away.  The reason has to be simple in order to last the centuries and not be over come by something else.  So what is it?

The secret is in the eyes.  When you look at the outside of a house, you notice the features.  It’s the same with the eyes.  The eyes are features of your house (body) and it is only natural to highlight those features.

Once again, mascara is changing.  A company called Younique LLC has come up with a way for your lashes to become fuller and longer without having to put on fake lashes.  It’s a 2 step process that adds natural fibers to your own eyelashes to enhance them.  It’s called 3d fiber lashes, but there are other Younique products too.