Increase Sales with Scent

Major retailers have known for decades that scents and smells can increase sales. Have you ever wondered why stores smell like pines during Christmas? What about the smell of cookies through stores that sell snacks? Scientist Eric Spangenberg, a pioneer in the field and dean of the Washington State University College of Business, has been working on just that; What makes the most commercially inspiring odor.

iScentU Department Store

A study was conducted and written in the Journal of Retailing. Researchers describe exposing hundreds of Swiss shoppers to simple and complex scents. Then, cash register receipts and in-store interviews revealed a significant increase in sales when the uncomplicated scent was in the air.

Those same researchers noticed that one group of about 100 shoppers spent 20 percent more money, on average. The only difference is that they shopped exposed to a simple scent.

Given that scents increase sales, how do you use this to your advantage?

If you own a store or a business, simply put your  fragrance into the air. The fragrance you should choose is dependent on your businesses. People process scents at a subconscious level. The reason pines scents worth with Christmas is because people already relate Christmas trees with Christmas. Take a few scents and test them out. Ask people what they think when they check out of your store.

If you are having a garage sale, drop some of your  fragrance onto your driveway. Pick a few different scents and put them in different areas. As people walk through your garage sale, they will pick up the scent coming from nowhere. Think about what people would think if they smelled fresh linen when looking at your second hand clothes.

Next time you go to a store, see if you can pick up the scents.  Take advantage of what the big retailers have done for you. Pick up the scents they have in their stores and apply it for your benefit. You’ll be amazed that it really works.

Need some fragrance suggestions?  Ask your local representative.