iScentU College Dorm Room Approved

iScentU Stone SticksAre you kids going to college?  Did you know that candles or anything that burns is not allowed in the college dorm room?  

iScentU Stonewicks stone sticks are college dorm room approved.  Get all your favorite fragrance and diffuse them with our stone wicks.

What is a stone stick?  You remember wood reeds you put into vase to diffuse fragrances?  It’s like that but better…  Stonewick fragrance water diffusers work with nature by allowing the natural evaporation of water to lift the pure Stonescent™ fragrance into the air just like a bouquet of flowers. You can adjust the fragrance strength according to your own sense of smell by adding more or less of Stonescent pure fragrance, water, or stone diffusers. 

Stonescent™ is just concentrated pure fragrance. It does not contain any hydrocarbons or unnecessary chemical additives. Used with fresh water it is the greenest formula on the market. Stonescent™ fragrance water naturally evaporates leaving behind only an empty vase. This means no used up, petroleum based, reed diffuser fragrance to throw away ending up in our landfills or waterways. Stonescent™ is a safe, EPA compliant non flammable formulation.