iScentU Eliminates Pet Odor

Are you a pet owner?Dog on Sofa

As a pet owner myself, I’m sure you’re well aware of how our homes smells.  It’s a constant battle to make sure our home smells fresh when people come over to visit.  I’ve tried candles, deodorizing spay, car fresheners… they all just mask the pet odor and don’t do anything to remove it.

iScentU finally came up with a solution.  Their patented Neutralizer fragrance (It’s actually fragrance free) will eliminate that odor without adding any fragrances to mask it.  Yes, it eliminates pet odor!  It is fragrance free and is the base of all the iScentU fragrances.

I was not a believer until I tried it myself.  The 16 ounce Neutralizer bottle is only $18 which, I believe, is a great deal if you bought all those other products.

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