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iScentU is a fragrance company that leans on individuals to promote their products.  They iScentU consultant is able to show, through example, how iScentU products are used.  Consultants are determined, smart, socially savvy, and embrace personal growth.

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iScentU has four product categories: Essential Oils, Fragrance Lamps, Lamp Fragrances, and Water Diffusers.iScentU Diffuser Essential Oils by iScentU are guaranteed to be 100% pure, natural, and free of synthetic compounds or contaminate.  These essentials oils are perfect for your daily routine, from mental clarity and physical wellness to stress relief and sleep solutions.   Did you know that iScentU now has a Essential Oils First Aid Kit?  Order yours here. iScentU Essential Oils are for topical or aromatic use. Fragrance Lamps from iScentU are high quality lamps that come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  iScentU Frangrace Lamps feature the Patented Premium Fragrance Diffuser called the Platinum Wick®. This new wick innovation is universal fitting all types of fragrance lamps and operates without any open flame making it safer to use than candles. Lamp Fragrances from iScentU are scientifically engineered to eliminate odors, purify the air and have a low impact on our environment.  iScentU lamp fragrances are biodegradable and do not bio-accumulate in soil, wildlife, or waterways.  iScentU Lamp Fragrance is also economical to use and burns clean producing only occasional puffs of white scented steam. Did you now that iScentU Lamp Fragrance is the ONLY lamp fragrance that is compliant with all current CARB (Califronia Air Regulatory Board) & EPA Air Quality Regulations? iScentU Stone SticksiScentU Water Diffusers, Stonewick fragrance water diffusers, work with nature by allowing the natural evaporation of water to lift the pure Stonescent™ fragrance into the air just like a bouquet of flowers. These are great for getting the right concentration of fragrance because you can adjust the fragrance strength according to your own sense of smell by adding more or less of Stonescent pure fragrance, water, or stone diffusers.  iScentU Stonewick diffusers are also safe and approved for college dorms  and work offices. Are you ready to start shopping? Enter our store here.